• 2018-10-08

    Cards statistics show statistics for every single cards in the game. you can search most playable or most successfull card depends on decks on agotstats. find under more statistics link. Traffic show daily added decks / games stats. find under more statistics link.


    Cards status cards status that have some impact on specific game. stats of those cards for whole deck Fixed Alliance - which banners are in alliance + export decklist with these banners


    show / hide decklist; delete whole decklist; copy decklist to your clipboard; search and add cards by name; delete card from decklist; change card quantity


    • Decklist - import your decklist from thronesdb.com or agot.theangels.eu
    • Goals - 50 users goal complete
    • Decklist - create your deck on thronesdb.com, publish it and save the deck ID in agotstats


    • New deck graphs - results against opponent's factions / agendas, efficiency against faction / agenda
    • Games history for more of your decks - pick 2, 3 or all of your decks and watch game history. You want to see how is your greyjoy going against tyrell? Filter your decks on GREYJOY, watch games history and filter it on TYRELL.
    • Decklist - import your decklist from thronesdb.com or agot.theangels.eu
    • Color - change base color of Night's Watch to black, Stark to grey and Targaryen to red
    • Github - watch the feature functions or recommend me some on github
  • A Game Of Thrones Personal Statistics

    • Store your decks and games on one place
    • Compare your decks based on all of your games
    • Watch the player and decks statistics
    • Import your games from TheJoustingPavilion
    • Head to head statistics based on player id from TheJoustingPavilion
  • Registrations

    • Send me an email with your login you want to use for agotstats
    • Wait for my email confirmation with your sign in information
    • GDPR - no personal data in database, only your login
  • Review

    User goal: 150
    User created decks goal: 300
    User created games goal: 5000
  • Contact

    Martin Ć irajch 
    • TheJoustingPavilion: sirajch
    • TheIronThrone: sirajch